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Pitching is a competition section of ANIMARKT. It allows to present a project in front of a group of world’s animation industry experts, gaining partners and receiving awards that could bring creators closer to film’s creation.

It’s a platform that connects creators with group of potential partners - decision-makers, producers, broadcasters, distributors and selling agents. We realize how challenging film production activities are for the environment, so a new criteria is a obligatory plan for sustainable film production. This element will account for 10% of the evaluation of the entire project.

This year pitching is in two forms:

  1. short projects in development with at least first draft of the script and duration of no more than 25 minutes
  2. projects of features, series or TV specials being in different stages of realisation

Necessary condition in both cases is that 80% of animation had to be planned to be created using stop-motion technique and prepared sustainable policy plan for the project.

From all submissions there will be chosen 10 projects of short films and 10 projects of feature films and TV series that will have a chance to get in contact with people able to support the process of film’s development, production and/or distribution,

Details concerning submissions can be found in Regulations.