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Date: 6-8 October 2020
Duration of the workshop: 3 days
Limit of places: 6
Announcement of the list of qualified people: 7 September 2020

The submission for this event is already closed


Basic abilities to animate in stop motion technique & eagerness to learn. Communicative ability to use English is required. The workshop is free of charge.

How to apply?

Send the registration form (link below) and upload the requested files.

Recruitment rule:

The participants will be selected by the lecturer on the basis of the materials provided in the application.


During the workshop the students will create 2 short (2-3 second) pieces of animation: a character study, animated to a piece of dialogue and a piece of action. The dialogue shot will be as a mime, no mouths necessary. Parallel to this during workshop Tobias Fouracre will discuss and demonstrate various mouth and lip-synch options. The students will then have the opportunity to animate a piece of action, practising the other great factors of animation, posing, weight and timing. Along the way all stages of shooting from the animators perspective will be discussed.


  • Listening and analyzing your chosen piece of dialogue.
  • Choosing your action.
  • Shooting a reference video for the dialogue and action shot.
  • Discussing how to break down the dialogue and process the live-action video reference from a creative perspective.
  • Posing the puppets and discussing any rigging requirements.
  • Discussions and demonstrations on the best way to use DragonFrame.
  • “Blocking” or Key-Frame preparations for the shot.
  • Learning from the “Block”.
  • Animating the final shot.

sm animation Tobias

Tobias Fouracre works as a freelance stop-motion Director and Animator. During the 90s he worked as an Animator on various short films, promos and title sequences before entering a period in children's television series as an animator and eventually Director on projects such as the BBC BAFTA nominated series The Koala Brothers. In 2004 he became Key Animator on Tim Burton's Feature “The Corpse Bride”. This led to directing many high profile commercials including the Marmite "Paddington Bear” campaign , Anchor Butter "Fuzzy Felt Cows" and Specsavers "Thunderbirds" as well as animating for numerous high end production companies in the UK and Europe. More feature film work followed including Key Animator on Wes Anderson's “Fantastic Mr Fox”, Lead Animator on Tim Burton's “Frankenweenie” and recently Animation Supervisor on Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs”. All four films have received Oscar nominations for best animated feature. Since then he has continued to animate and direct on dozens of high-end stop-motion commercials while developing personal projects.