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Date: 7 October & 8 October 2020
Duration of the workshop: 1 day
Limit of places: 14 / 7 people per day
Announcement of the list of qualified people: 7 September 2020

The submission for this event is already closed


The workshop is designed for those with some experience in stop frame production. In particular it’s aimed at those working in the camera department who want to extend their skills in camera & lighting; it would also suit animators & directors wishing to develop their skills and confidence in cinematography for their own work. Communicative ability to use English is required. The workshop is free of charge.

How to apply?

Send the registration form (link below) and upload the requested files.

Recruitment rule:

The participants will be selected by the lecturer on the basis of the materials provided in the application.


A unique opportunity to take part in intensive, one day workshop designed to improve camera and lighting skills for stop frame cinematography, based in a studio environment and taught by an experienced features and commercials director of photography.

The workshop consist of two parts:

1. Camera skills

  • How to best set up cameras, lenses and utilise Dragonframe’s software cinematography environment.
  • Camera practicalities: connectivity, menus, layers and functionality for shooting stop frame.

2. Lighting skills. 
Participants will be focusing on designing & developing looks and moods with lighting that serve the script and story of a project and will include:

  • Escape the textbook!
  • Taking inspiration from the real world.
  • How to plan your lighting and establish mood, atmosphere and texture to your shots with both exterior and interior setups.
  • Lighting a night interior with dimension, depth and color.
  • Lighting an exterior for different times of the day.

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Malcolm Hadley is a British Cinematographer with over 20 years of experience in film & TV production, recognised for his expertise in stop frame cinematography. He has worked on many multi-award winning commercials, shorts & feature films including the critically acclaimed “The Periwig Maker”, feature films for Tim Burton: “Corpse Bride” (2005) & “Frankenweenie” (2012) and Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs” (2017). In commercials he continues to work for some of the industry’s most distinctive directors and is sought after to provide creative and technical expertise for projects that combine elements of live action, stop frame and motion control. He is a visiting a cinematography tutor on diploma and degree courses and is a member of The Guild of British Camera Technicians & BECTU.