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Thursday, 8th of October, 18:00-20:00
Event is open on ANIMARKT platform.

During this masterclass, Magda Bieszczak will speak about her experiences in Wes Anderson’s movies – „The Grand Budapest Hotel” and „Isle of Dogs” and her department CTS, for which she was in charge. She will present from A to Z the whole proces of making a puppet. Last but not least, she won’t forget to include some anecdote, inter alia, how her dog – Hazel, has become a movie star.

About the lecturer:

Magdalena Bieszczak is an owner and founder of All Animation Studio specializing in puppet construction and sets for stop motion animation. She spent 13 years in London working for most acclaimed film directors like Tim Burton and Wes Anderson. Through her career to date, she worked on multiple highly successful, Oscar nominated feature films, such as Frankenweenie and Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children; The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs, where she became a Head of the CTS Department and her dog Hazel became the archetype for Rex, one of the main characters of this film. At the moment Magdalena is based in Portland , Oregon USA, where she is working for Laika, one of the most famous stop motion animation studio in the world.