ASK pl vol2

Wednesday, 7th of October, 16:00-18:00
Event is open on ANIMARKT platform.

How to design characters for a puppet animated film? How can the art design of the hero be transformed into a technical design of a puppet? How to construct the puppet that will be able to move and act on the set as well as meet the director's expectations and not make it difficult work for the animator? Moreover, how to not exceed the budget? 

This masterclass will give us a closer look to all the technological issues of building a puppet, including the selection of the technique of its production based on the requirements of the script / storyboard and planned art design.

About the lecturer:

Piotr Knabe is a freelance sculptor with experience in fabrication, mould making and casting, creative engineering, character design, illustration, 3D modelling and 3D printing. Involved in making puppets, replicas and sets for such films as: an Oscar winning “Peter and the Wolf” by Suzie Templeton, “Ichthys”, “Danny Boy” by Marek Skrobecki, “A Flying Machine” by Martin Clapp, “La nostalgia del Sr. Alambre” by Jonathan Ostos Yaber, “Escape” by Jaroslaw Konopka, as well as TV series including: “Flapper and Friends”, “Koyaa” and “Kids of Courage” and features including „Isle of Dogs” by Wes Anderson and “Inzomnia” by Luis Tellez (in production) among others.