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Tuesday, 6th of October, 19:00-20:00
Event is open on ANIMARKT platform.

A film about two mortal enemies - a little mouse Whizzy and Whitebelly the fox, who after an unfortunate accident, meet in animal heaven. They lose their natural instincts and become best friends. Their wish to stay together after they return to earth comes true, but they are reborn into opposite roles. Thanks to the power of friendship they can even overcome what seems to be impossible.

Directors: Denisa Grimmová & Jan Bubeníček

Producers: Fresh Films & Hausboot (CZ), Les Films du Cygne (FR), Animoon (PL), Cinemart (SK), Panache Productions (BE)

About the presenter:

Vladimír Lhoták is a graduate from the Prague film school FAMU, attended also audiovisual program at Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle in France. Vladimir is an EAVE producers workshop graduate. His producer’s filmography lists creative documentaries “Hotelier” (2013), “Jenica & Perla” (2015) and “Jiří Trnka – A Long Lost Friend (2019)”, short film “Austerlitz Advent” (2017). Currently he is producing a stop motion feature film “Even Mice Belong in Heaven”.