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MEET YOUR PARTNER on ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum are co-production meetings between producers from Chile and Argentina and producers from Central and Eastern Europe. As organizers, we provide them with space and time to have one-to-one talks during which they can share their needs, ideas and see if there is a way to collaborate.

The Chilean meetings are organized by ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum in cooperation with MAI!.

The Argentinian meetings are organized by ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum in partnership with Apa and Apalab, and Animar.

From each of the region 10 producers or studios will be selected. After the selection process is done, the projects are shared between the participants so everyone can prepare for the meetings beforehand. ANIMARKT will be in charge of making the selection of the projects.

Who can apply and what projects can be submitted?

  • Producers from Chile, Argentina and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Eligible producers must have at least one project of animated short, TV series or feature film for which they are looking for partners.
  • The submission must have information about the project (or projects) in PDF files.
  • The projects must have secured at least 20% of the budget (from private or public funds - for Chilean meetings the private funds might be in-kind or valuable contribution).
  • Stop motion projects will be a priority, but projects made with other techniques will be accepted as long as they have a high co-production potential.

Additional requirement for Argentinian meetings:

  • Candidates must have at least one already produced project (either a short film, TV series or feature).

There are separate submissions for the meetings with producers from Chile and Argentina.

Links to the registration forms: >>>Chile<<< and >>>Argentina<<<

21st September, 2020
SELECTION RESULTS: 28th September, 2020

DATE OF THE EVENT: 7th October, 2020

How many projects can be submitted?

Minimum: 1
Maximum: 5

How much time will be provided for one meeting?
15 minutes.

How many participants will be selected?
For Chilean meetings: 10 producers from Chile and 10 producers from Central and Eastern Europe For Argentinian meetings: 10 producers from Argentina and 10 producers from Central and Eastern Europe

All of the talks will be held in English.
All of the submission information (form and projects presentations) must be in English, too.

If you have any questions, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.